Q & A with Battle Born Supplements CEO and Founder Phillip Turner

by Philip Tortora on October 19, 2020
Las Vegas Entrepreneur Leverages Sales, Health & Fitness Backgrounds to Launch New Supplement Company, Mindset Pre-workout Gummy 

Phillip Turner is the CEO and Founder of Battle Born Supplements, producer of the Mindset pre-workout gummy supplement. An entrepreneur and veteran sales executive who has worked extensively in the health and fitness industry, Phil launched Battle Born Supplements to address the fitness marketplace need for a convenient and effective pre-workout supplement that athletes who commit significant time and energy to working out could count on. 

Founded in 2020, Battle Born Supplements provides an optimal and clean nutrition supplement that is relied upon by athletes at all levels. The goal of the company is to help people jump start their fitness goals and elevate their performance during athletic training.  

In this Q & A interview, Phil addresses the inspiration behind the formation of Battle Born Supplements, and the company’s long-term vision for helping athletes reach peak performance during their training.  

Please tell us a little bit about Battle Born Supplements. What inspired you to launch the company and what needs will your products help athletes address?

My inspiration to form the company came from a couple of different places. I have always been an athlete who has spent a lot of time focusing on fitness goals, working out, and helping people in the market with advice and training, so I was always searching for something that could be beneficial to people in helping them achieve their goals.  

As far as pre-workouts were concerned, I had gone through a lot of products trying to find a clean blend. Attempting to find something focused on the different variations of athletes that was easy and simple to use, and transparent with its formula, was hard to find. Many people, including myself, have been afraid to take certain supplements because they didn’t know what was in them.  For many athletes, they can’t take a supplement that they don’t trust. At Battle Born Supplements, we are committed to being transparent with our products, and also packing a punch and delivering results. 

You graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno with degrees in Business 
Management and Development, before launching a career that has landed you several executive-level sales and management jobs, as well as ownership of several successful businesses, including a fitness center in Las Vegas. At what point in your background did you realize that 2020 was the time to launch Battle Born Supplements? Was there any particular motivation for launching this company and developing the Mindset product?  

First, just going through the typical 9-5 grind of corporate America had me initially thinking about launching a pre-workout product. Then, the pandemic hit in 2020, forcing me to entirely change the workout and training routines I had been accustomed to. Preparing to work out outside of the gym forced me to change my focus from more of a brick-and-mortar perspective to developing something for more of a global audience that could help people everywhere, regardless of how they train. 

Preparing to work out outside was different from preparing to train in the gym. You don’t have your water stations, you don’t have access to equipment, and you are forced to improvise. This inspired the name for our Mindset pre-workout gummy. I realized that uncertain times took a different type of mindset and focus in order to adjust to working out in new environments, and also reach my goals for not only sports and fitness, but on a personal level.  
I feel like my calling is to truly provide ways to help other people in areas that I am passionate for and have experience in, so this past year became the right time to launch our company and develop the Mindset product. As for the Battle Born name we chose for the company, it is a way for me to represent my home city and state of Las Vegas, Nevada, paying homage to the place I am from.


Can you tell us a little bit more about the Mindset pre-workout gummies? What exactly does it do for athletes, and how can people find it? 

Mindset was developed to help athletes be successful by boosting their energy, stamina, and focus. Muscle building, endurance, and overall mental preparation are all essential parts of successful training regiments, so the ingredients of this product have been formulated with those specific goals in mind. 

We also were cognizant that we wanted to develop a product that was clean for athletes to take and that the body would naturally absorb. And of course, by offering pre-workout gummies, we are giving athletes a much more convenient option than having to mix powdery drinks every time before they work out. Ease of consumption is a major benefit of Mindset.  

People who want to purchase Mindset or get more information about our products can visit the Battle Born Supplements Shopify store. 

Some cynics 
might say, “There’s a ton of pre-workout products already on the shelves of health clubs and nutrition stores. Why should I give Mindset a try?”  To those people who may be hesitant to try something new, can you tell them what makes Mindset a better option than the other pre-workout products that are available? 

For starters, the Mindset gummies taste really good, and we all know that people don’t like to take supplements that don’t taste good. But in addition to that, we only use all-natural ingredients, which is very important for most athletes. And of course, we deliver our product in convenient packaging, making it super easy for athletes to take Mindset with them wherever they work out. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we are fully transparent with our formula. Athletes know exactly what they are putting in their bodies.  

What has been the early reaction to Mindset? Even though the product only recently became available to consumers, have you received any initial feedback from athletes or trainers?

We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback since launching the product. We are delivering a one-of-a-kind pre-workout product, and the athletes who have taken Mindset have been excited and energized to see something new on the market that delivers in boosting their workouts. I think we have touched people’s sweet tooth sides with a supplement that also significantly enhances their workouts. Also, a lot of serious athletes and trainers have started to use Mindset and are now serving as brand ambassadors for us.  

What is next for Battle Born Fitness? Now that you are seeing strong early sales with Mindset, do you have any other supplements that are in the works or being formulated? What else is planned for the business?

I can’t reveal all of our secrets yet, LOL, but I will say our main focus is into expanding in other areas such as workout regiments and fitness routines, and also playing a part in athletic events, by creating and developing more supplements around assisting athletes from start to finish in their training.

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