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Parallel Squats vs ATG Squats, Which do Athletes need? Which is more effective?

If you work out in any strength training gym or...
by Battle Born Supplements on November 09, 2021
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Are Squats Burning You Out?

  Excessive muscle over-repetition (ROM) is never ideal for any...
by Battle Born Supplements on September 09, 2021
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Length-Tension Relationship

The length-tension relationship describes the fact that a single muscle...
by Battle Born Supplements on September 09, 2021
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Compound Exercises or Isolation Exercises: Which One Works and What’s the Difference?!

All strength training exercises can be categorized as either compound or isolation movement exercises. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, so let’s begin with understanding what both are and how they are beneficial for achieving your fitness and strength goals.
by Batlle Born Supplements on September 02, 2021
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